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friends only ♥ comment to be added
so i've decided to keep my journal to friends only. i'm really nice and i would love more friends, so just comment on the things we have in common or any of your other interests and i will most likely add you. please don't add me and then comment, i will add you after i have read your comment :) thanks x

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hey amelia i love your damon and bonnie story and i would love to read more! since im also a bamon shipper =]

oh i'm glad you enjoyed it. i'm so sorry to say that i have stopped writing it because i lost all that i had written and after that, i really didn't have the enthusiasm to start the next few chapters again. however, i'm more than happy to add you :)

hi i am also a fan of jessica stroup! i love her =) but i like her with teddy, although it looks like it will be silver and dixon. haha, i love that gif you have there! add?

oh awesome! :)
of course i'll add you :) xx

Puck Rachel, Blair Chuck, Robin Barney and Scodelario fan?! OMG, haha, i don't know you, but i feel, like we've known each other since ages. Is it ok if i add you?

course darlin'! haha wow we like a lot of the same, oh that's so sweet. glad to have you as a friend! :) xx

Add me? :) I love love love Effy <3

can you add me please < 33

Hey, just wanted to say love 'Forever a Savior' and would like to continue reading it. Also having Scott reappear in the third chapter has me dying to know what's going to happen.

sure i'll add you so you can finish reading it. i unfortunately gave up on it as i had too much work and then lost the inspiration to write it. but i hope you enjoy what i did write :) xx

add me? i luv your icons!! <3 :)

I love jessica and your icons.. omg. ♥ add me, plz?

I'd love to see more of your J Stroup icons! Add me please?

Glee, Diana Agron, PLL, Disney channel (but I don't get it anymore *cry*), Keira, OTH.


of course sweetie! glad to have you as a friend :)

can you add me please ?I like
the same stuff as u.

90210, he vampire diaries, glee, how i met your mother, skins, pretty little liars, 10 things i hate about you, gossip girl, one tree hill, friends, will & grace. And that's just a tv shows we both like! srsly, while reading list of your favorite shows i thought i'm reading about myself;D actually my fav. couples are different (i guess i shouldn't say that lol), like i'd better like damon&elena, cook&effy (i don't like freddie at all, he's no good for effy... yeah, another thing i shouldn't said;D), rachel&finn, stefan&katherine, serena&nate, but i hope if we don't like exactly same thing, we gonna have a lot fun discussing about it and having fun (: soo, hope you'll add me

i am so sorry it took me so long to get back to you but i would absolutely love to be your friend! :) i will definitely add you love ♥

can you add me please?
i love your journal by the way. <3

absolutely, i would love for us to be friends :)

Hi i really like jessica stroup!! I think she's so cute and I like skins too, and the vampire diaries so... add? :)

absolutely, love to add you ♥

Aww thanks so kind of you :D

hey amelia! I love 90210 (especially silver) and vampire diaries :)
I guess we have much in common.. would you like to add me?

xoxo alesja

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